Namespace: MBrace.FsPickler

Defines serialization rules for given type parameter.

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
x.Accept state value
Signature: state:VisitState -> value:'T -> unit
Modifiers: abstract

Accepts visitor for traversal of child nodes of given value.

x.Clone state value
Signature: state:CloneState -> value:'T -> 'T
Modifiers: abstract

Clones a value using the underlying cloning state.

x.Read state tag
Signature: state:ReadState -> tag:string -> 'T
Modifiers: abstract

Deserializes a value with provided tag from reader state.

x.Write state tag value
Signature: state:WriteState -> tag:string -> value:'T -> unit
Modifiers: abstract

Serializes a value with provided tag to the underlying writer state.

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